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Send us a message to book a table. Reservations are confirmed as soon as possible to the email address provided. Read the FAQ or click the Book a table button below before filling the form for tips.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Is a reservation required?

You are not required to make a reservation prior to arriving at our restaurant, except for special functions which will be announced in advance on our website and through our social channels. However, making a reservation allows us to accommodate your wishes and prepare your preferred table.

Please consider that there might be waiting times during high demand of our tables if you arrive at our restaurant without a confirmed booking. 

How soon will my reservation be confirmed?

Reservations through this website, line or facebook

Your reservation will be confirmed 16.00 if made before 16.00. Afterwards we will regularly check incoming reservations during opening times of our restaurant but cannot guarantee fast confirmation depending on our work load.


Reservations through telephone


What should I do if my plans change?

We understand that sometimes plans do change. In such a case please inform us immediately so that we can release your reservation and give the table to another customer.

If you cancel during our opening times we appreciate if you call us, as we might be busy and unable to check incoming messages or emails.

How long is my table kept if I'm running late?

Your reservation is guaranteed for 15 minutes after the time you indicated when you made the reservation. After this we will give away your table if necessary.

Please call us if you are running late, we might be able to find a solution even if we are fully booked.

Can I pre-order to reduce waiting time in the restaurant?

Yes you can. If you pre-order we will prepare your menu in advance but only start cooking it after you arrived. For our Beef "Wellington" and Chateaubriand this is even a great idea, as those dishes require a preparation time of minimum one hour.

Please note that you cannot cancel or modify pre-orders.

Other ways to communicate with us

You may use other channels to communicate with us, which currently include Line, Google, Telephone, Facebook, and Trip Advisor. You find the links to our social channels at the bottom right of our website.

Navigate to Google to display our Telephone number.

Protection of your data

We take utmost care in protecting your personal information, which we will utilize for the sole purpose of communicating with you.

Under no circumstances will we ever share your name, email address, or phone number with anyone.

You may also want to read our Privacy Policy.


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